John Schmalbach

I started my coaching career for girls softball some 15years ago at my own daughter’s grade school – that progressed to a 1 town recreation league which then progressed onto a multi suburb league.

Travel Fastpitch started for me at 13u level then 14u. My daughter started playing on a 18u team at the age of 15 for 3 years – so I skipped the 16u level of coaching until she graduated high school. I also actually coached 1 year at the over 18 age before going back to pick up the 16u bracket. Since then I have been back to the 14u and 18u levels.

I assisted the varsity coach at my daughter’s high school – even after she left.

I am excited to once again return to the 16u level with such a high level organization!

I have been a part of many successful team accomplishments but am most proud of seeing many of the players go onto playing the game they love in college. What also keeps my desire to coach all through the years is hearing the players say thanks.

I strongly believe in all my players having total respect while playing the game which includes not only all of their own actions but also by respecting their parents, other players on their team, their opposition, the umpires, their teachers and all the coaches who they come in contact with.

For the parents, I encourage them to read and buy into “The Matheny Manifesto” – it is a short read with a lot of wisdom.

My goal for every player is to help them reach the top of their own highest level of play by doing so making a great team!