14u Rick Kostecki

2017/2018 Fall

-/- King of the Hill–Crown Point, IN -/-
-/- PGF Top 100 Showcase–Westfield, IN -/-
-/- St Louis Showcase -/-

14u Rick Kostecki

PlayerPositionCollege CommitGraduation YearJersey NumberB/T
Caroline DooleyPitcher, Out field-20212R/R
Ava KosteckiPitcher, First base, Out field-202114L/L
Renee NicholsonFirst base, Out field-202115R/L
Emily MansoThird base, Shortstop, Out field-202118R/R
Brianna PerezSecond base, Third base, Out field-202123R/R
Salma BarajasFirst base, Second base, Out field-202142R/R
Megan McGinleyCatcher, Third base-202144L/R
Jasmine LozanoPitcher, Second base, Out field-20223R/R
Morgan Van HornThird base, Shortstop, Out field-20229R/R
Taylor PertileShortstop, Out field-202216R/R
Phoenix FanterOut field, Utility-202219R/R
Alaina ShawFirst base, Out field-202227L/L
Juliann JakosalemCatcher, Third base, Out field-20237R/R

14u first place

14u Kostecki, first place Naperville “Queen of the diamonds”.

2016 - 14u RK: Pumpkins


The girls of the 14U Rick Kostecki, Chicago Cheetahs Fastpitch, got together to have some fun with Pumpkins.