16u Sabrina Kuchta

Fall 2018

Aug 25th Scrimmage vs Chicago Cheetahs Premier
Sept 9th Wasco Invite
Sept 14-16th TCS Super 72 Invite in Orland Park
Sept 29-30th Betcher Showcase Peoria, IL.
Oct 13-14th Betcher Showcase St Charles. IL.
Oct 19-21st St Louis 1 Showcase
Oct 27-28th Tinley Park “Rock the Awareness PGF Crown Point, IN.

2018/19 Players

PlayerPositionCollege CommitGraduation YearJersey Number
Marlee ChristofanelliFirst base, Out field-202010
Abby RyniecCatcher, Out field-202012
Daly GarlandPitcher, Second base, Shortstop-20219
Brynn DvoracekPitcher, First base, Third base, Shortstop-202113
Caroline KinsellaPitcher, Out field-202114
Renee NicholsonFirst base, Out field-202115
Emily MansoOut field, Utility-202118
Ava KosteckiPitcher, First base, Out field-202121
Celeste IzaguirreSecond base, Third base, Shortstop-202123
Emilie ReinaPitcher, Utility-202151
Madeline ModicaCatcher, Out field-202154
Taylor PertileShortstop, Out field-202216
Juliann JakosalemCatcher, Third base, Out field-20237

Working out together

Chicago Cheetahs organization working out early Sunday morning. Special group of kids